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Employee Handbook


(Effective June 1, 2013, there will be no exceptions on this cutoff time)

As an hourly employee you are required to keep a timecard. Timecards will be provided to you for purposes of keeping track of your work hours during the week. It is critical that you record an accurate and complete account of your work hours every week.

Submitting a false timecard is a serious offense and will result in immediate termination. Refer to Employee Handbook regarding “Standards of Conduct and Corrective Action.”

Pay Period: starts on Monday morning and ends on Saturday. Occasionally it may be required to work beyond the normal workday hours.

Overtime: All overtime must be coordinated and approved by your Supervisor before you work any overtime. Overtime is all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per work week. You will receive overtime pay at a rate of one and one-half times the regular hourly rate.

Lunch/Breaks: Generally, breaks or rest periods are not scheduled, but breaks are usually 10 – 15 minutes and are paid breaks. For lunch or meals, our policy is: • The lunch/meal period is unpaid. • All employees are required to take a lunch break. You should not be performing work during the lunch period. • Lunch period are usually from 30 minutes – 1 hour. Your lunch period should be coordinated with your Supervisor. If you require additional time off for lunch, you should coordinate this time off, in advance, with your Supervisor. If you are required to attend a luncheon that extends past your normal lunch period, you should clarify with your Supervisor if the extended time will be paid or unpaid, and record this time accordingly on your time card. • Be sure you understand the rules and guidelines for lunch breaks at the company you are assigned to, as some enforce “no eating or drinking” while at your desk.

Please make sure that you record all times, in and out, as outlined on the timecard; totaling each column accordingly. That includes your time out for lunch and the time you came back in from lunch, or time out for appointments.

Fill this in and save to your hard drive. You can either print, sign and fax to our office (952-883-0348) or email to your supervisor for approval who in turn can email to our payroll at Your supervisor’s email submission acts as an approval for hours worked. We will no longer be sending paper timecards in your check stub envelope.

Please email or fax a copy of your timecard to our office on Fridays, but no later than Tuesday, 12:00 PM of the following week. Timecards received after the deadline will be processed for payroll in the next pay period. SORRY, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

Payday is Friday of every week for hours worked in the previous week. (This applies to Direct Deposit and Regular Pay Check issuance.)

For Direct Deposit – your account is credited on Friday. Paystubs are mailed out on Thursday. Once you submit the necessary forms to enroll in Direct Deposit, it takes 1 week to begin. You will receive an email with a password protected attachment for your check stub. The password will be the first four letters of your last name followed by the last four digits of your Social Security number.

For Pay Checks – your check will be mailed out on Fridays.

In the event an employee does not receive a pay check (via mail), our office will stop payment (at company expense) and re-issue the check after 10 mail days.

(This letter supersedes all previous documents that relate to these items.)